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Wilson Crisis Center

Who We Are

Volunteers provide telephone assistance to callers needing information, referrals, resources, or someone who will listen and care. Telephone number for AA, NA, AI-Anon, and an after-hours connection to services for domestic violence, rape, and mental health emergencies.  Daily Reassurance Calls and MedCalls to senior citizens, disabled adults, or challenged for a telephone visit, safety check, or reminder to eat a meal and take medications is a FREE SERVICE.

Teen Help Line telephone number is 252-243-6444.  Information for resources, referrals, questions, volunteering, someone to talk to, etc. will be responded to by a caring voice.  Rewarding and inspiring projects are available for the teens.

Centro De Crisis/Linea De Ayuda Hispana, 252-237-7626, is the 24-hour Spanish information hotline

What We Do

Since 1971, the Wilson Crisis Center's team of caring volunteers and staff has provided 24-hour telephone listening, information, and referral services.  By dialing 252-237-5156, callers can confidentially and anonymously request information or talk about a problem or concern.  If additional assistance is required, the caller is referred to the appropriate help resource from the comprehensive agency registry.  Some callers just want someone to listen and care.


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