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Y.O.U.T.H. of Wilson County

Who We Are

Volunteer Mentoring Program - MATCH

This program matches youth, ages 6-13 that are experiencing trying times with positive adult role models.  The mentoring program is a prevention program that is designed to work with young people in 8 specific areas such as Character Development, Academics and Career Development.  The volunteers spend a minimum of 8 hours a month with the young person. 


Wilson County Community Service/Restitution

This program is the only one that serves the Wilson County Juvenile Court and Teen Court for community service/restitution for youth 7-17.  The youth are referred to this program from Juvenile Court and/or Teen Court to complete court ordered community service/restitution hours.  The youth complete these hours through a wide range of projects such as Gang Graffiti clean-up, projects at Wilson County Schools, other non-profits, food drives and other special projects, i.e. Adopt-a-highway.


Afterschool tutoring provided by volunteers in our computer lab two days a week.  Volunteers assist with completing assignments and then assist with subjects that youth in k-5 may be having difficulty with in school.  We only accept a limited number of youth so that the youth can have one-on-one interaction with our volunteers.


This program provides hands-on life skill classes, workshops and/or activites for our youth, families and/or volunteers in subjects such as: Gang Awareness, Science, Health and Safety Awareness, and many other topics.

What We Do

Y.O.U.T.H. of Wilson County is a REFERRAL ONLY agency that provides prevention and intervention services to youth ages 6 - 17. These services include Volunteer One-on-One Mentoring, Community Service/Restitution and Tutoring.  Referral sources include Division of Juvenile Justice, Department of Social Services, Wilson County Schools, Law Enforcement Agencies, Teen Court and other youth serving agencies.  Our mission includes positively developing our youth to be successful youth today and as adults, rehabilitating youth offenders and compensating victims of juvenile crimes.

Y.O.U.T.H. of Wilson has been serving Wilson County youth for 32 years. As we begin our 33rd year on December 1, 2014, we look to increase the number of volunteers in our Mentoring Program and the number of youth served in our Mentoring program.

Join us as we celebrate our 33rd year and mentor a child 6-13 years of age and assist us in making them successful today in staying in school, making their dreams come true as adults and guide them to be successful adults.